Elna eXcellence 720

Fun and functional, the Elna eXcellence 720 provides a wide range of stitches (126 to be exact) to take you from the simplest project to the most extravagant.

Here are just some of the features:

  • Stitches of special interest for quilters, including quilt stitches, pre-programmed
  • stippling stitches, 7 versions of appliqué and the « French knot » stitch
  • 10 direct selection stitches with easy-to-read stitch illustrations
  • PS key (Personal Settings) to record your personalized adjustments
  • Creation of sequences combining up to 50 stitches
  • 4 permanent memories to save, recall, overwrite and clear sequences
  • Edit key
  • Start/Stop key
  • Automatic and programmable thread cutter
  • Programmable up/down needle key
  • Auto-lock key and memory auto-lock key
  • Face-to-face and mirror key
  • Elongation of satin stitches up to 5 times original length
  • Twin needle
  • Adjustable width (7mm) and length (5mm) of stitch
  • Adjustable needle position
  • LCD screen with adjustable backlight
  • Advisory messages
  • Fast resumption mode without loss of data

For more information, please contact our store or visit the Elna eXcellence 720 website.