Also known as “Haute Couture,” the Elna 9600 is a small, compact machine, but don’t let that fool you. Little things come in big packages, as this machine proves. Offering quilting, embroidery, and sewing features, you can do pretty much anything and everything with this pretty machine.

Here are just some of the features that are packed into this little body:

Advanced Quilting system:

  • Advanced Quilting Guide
  • Advanced Quilting Hoop (140x200mm)
  • 24 Advanced Quilting Designs and Patterns
  • Advanced Quilting Calculator
  • Advanced Quilting Print Tool
  • Advanced Quilting Template
  • Automatic stippling stitches for the Advance Quilting Hoop
  • Ergonomic adjustable knee-lifter
  • Built-in “hand-look” stitches

Sewing Features:

  • 347 built-in stitches, including 38 exclusive to Elna
  • 13 buttonholes
  • 4 alphabets available in upper and lower case
  • Maximum stitch length : 5 mm
  • Maximum stitch width : 7 mm
  • Satin stitch elongation
  • Memory cancellation and recall
  • Folder system : built-in, ATA card, USB
  • Twin needle key


For more information about this machine, stop by our showroom or check out the Elna 9600 website.