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With the holidays coming up, we wanted to share with you a quick and simple gift idea: pillow cases. They’re perfect to personalize with various fabric prints and colors. A set of pillow cases would make an inexpensive but thoughtful gift for any occasion. And they’re super easy to make!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

2 – 21” x 27” rectangles for the pillowcase (this is one inch larger than the size of the pillow)

2 – 21” x 10 rectangles in coordinating or contrasting fabric for the cuff

Coordinating Thread

(NOTE: The pillow case in these instructions fit a 20″x26″ pillow)

Ready? Let’s Get Started!

  • On the two cuff pieces, fold and press ½” along one long edge of both cuff pieces.
  • Align the raw edge of the cuff and the pillowcase section with right side of the cuff to the wrong side of one piece of the pillowcase.
  • Stitch with ¼” seam allowance.
  • Press seam allowance toward the cuff.
  • Fold the cuff over so the folded edge covers the seam.
  • Stitch close to the folded edges – can use a straight stitch or a decorator stitch.
  • Add the cuff to both pillowcase sections.
  • Place the two pillow case sections with right sides together.
  • Starting at the folded edge of the cuff, stitch around three raw edges with 1/4” seam allowance.
  • Trim the bottom corners.
  • Turn the Pillowcase right side out. Stitch around the sides and bottom edge with 3/8” seam allowance. This encases the raw edges with a French seam so there are no raw edges.

And now you have a finished pillow case! Have a wonderful time making a whole pile of them!